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Tactical pen light reviews

DWYM is your trusted product review source. Along with our in-house experts, our team analyzes thousands of product reviews from the most trusted websites. We then create one easy-to-understand review. Learn more. We looked at the top Stocking Stuffers For Dad and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Stocking Stuffer For Dad you should buy.

This self-defense tool has a flashlight and a bottle opener, along with a hard tip for self defense or to be used as a window-breaking device in an emergency, but most importantly it's the cool factor that will make it a great stocking-stuffer this holiday season. But walking around with a full survival kit seems like overkill?

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The same grade of aluminum used in aircraft is CNC machined for maximum strength to weight ratio. In a crisis window breaking rescue, fending off an assault, or just wanting a pen that will last forever, strength is a vital priority. Coolest Pen in the Office Discreet Always Ready for Crisis Versatility across crisis scenarios is crucial for truly tactical preparation.

8 Best Tactical Pens That Help You Prepare for Emergency Situations

The LED tactical flashlight also comes with a spare battery. Emergency Escape Glass Breaker Whether to rescue or escape an emergency, the glass breaker tip has the greatest potential to save a life. What Christmas presents do you buy the man who has everything? Dads are notoriously difficult to shop for when the holidays come around since they often probably have figured out most of the things they need in their life and have acquired them over the years.

For those hard-to-please types of dads out there who have all the things they need, it can be stressful to pick out a gift that they will appreciate and find useful at the same time. A good angle to approach this decision is by finding something that evokes joy from them or shows them some benefit in life that they never even knew they were missing out on.

We have found a handful of items that would make great stocking-stuffers for the dads in your life. With age, it becomes more difficult to stay active and fit. Whether it be from a little extra unwanted weight around their midsection or that their knees are a little sorer and stiffer than before, a growing number of men are taking to riding bikes for exercise or commuting to work.

While they pass that wisdom on to their children, they might also be the first ones to break their own rules and perform activities like riding their bikes without basic safety equipment. At night, having lights on their bikes can help vehicles see them clearly and avoid a potential accident.

22 Best Tactical Pens in 2021 (Reviews and Buying Guide)

Even better than a traditional red taillight, a set of glowing LED lights like the Activ Life LED Bike Wheel Lights on the spokes of their bike tires would illuminate their face as well as their new ride. Buying tools for these men has been tried for many years and always comes with mixed results. This wristband puts those pesky little nails and screws securely on your wrist where they are easy to grab and hard to lose. For the forgetful handyman, this gift will be a useful addition to his workshop.

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Dads are practical and like useful things. Dads are also just grown-up boys and like cool toys just as much as they ever did. Buying a Christmas gift for Dad can more simple than you think if you narrow it down based on a few things you know about him.

tactical pen light reviews

Look for the DWYM seal for products that are the best in the category. Show Contents. Check Price. For the full ranking, see below. Expert Reviews User Summarized Score 9. Most brothers appreciate the utility of having the right tool around when they need it.

But few brothers carry around entire toolkits everywhere they go. That's where this tactical pen comes in handy. Your brother can slip the pen into a pocket or backpack and it'll always be ready for when they need to get out of a tight jam.

You'll get the credit for helping them out immediately afterward, of course.The Strikepen is a protection tool that can be used in dyer situations. On the outside, it looks like an ordinary pen. But, within, there is something much more than meets the eye. Being lightweight and small in size is just the beginning. Inside, the Strikepen hides tools that can save a life in times of need.

At this time, the makers of Strikepen, Ape Survival, are giving this pen out to people for free. You heard right; the pen is free, as the company is trying to get the word out about this amazing product.

Instead of a gun, the Strikepen is a great alternative for people needing a self-defense method. It is no secret that the world can be a scary place. With murders, terrorist attacks, political unrest, and other awful problems, people need the Strikepen more than ever.

It was created to help fight back. Ape Survival has a goal in mind that they want to achieve when consumers have the Strikepen in their hands. Stainless Design — Each Strikepen is made by hand using materials like aluminum that is smooth to perfection. This is not just basic aluminum we are talking about here.

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Aircraft aluminum is used in the creation of military planes and the same can be said with the Strikepen. Keeps Rust Away — With a steel clip on every Strikepen, you will be able to take it everywhere with you. Also, no matter how long you have this product, you will not have to worry about it rusting.

LED Flashlight — Having a flashlight on a pen might not seem like a big thing, but it actually is. With the Strikepen being a tactical, self-defense tool, there is no other product like it. Adding a flashlight to the mix only heightens its value. This will be of great use if the attacker somehow gets away, so you can give it to police. Instructions — Each Strikepen comes with a guide of instructions to help you harness all the features of this product.

Take some time to read them carefully, so you are able to understand everything you need to know. More Guides — Ape Survival adds training guides to get you practicing with your Strikepen.

Yes, it is important that you practice with your Strikepen to always be ready. Accessory Case — Pens with a case are always nice, but the Strikepen case is needed. The cardboard case, which is black, is great to hold all the functions of your pen. Price — As stated earlier, Ape Survival is giving this product away for free. All you have to do is pay shipping and handling.Due to their versatility as low profile self-defense weapons, survival tools, and nearly indestructible writing utensils, tactical pens are popular everyday carry tools used by everyone from military operators to white-collar CEOs.

I actually decided to purchase my first tactical pen after a regular pen exploded in the admin pouch of my flak jacket and damaged a lot of my gear. After searching online for a pen that could take the abuse the comes with military life, I decided to pull the trigger and buy my first tactical pen.

Keep in mind that features vary a lot between pens and there is no one best tactical pen for everyone. Check Price on Amazon.

This pen was developed in conjunction with law enforcement professionals to be a solid writing instrument that is rugged and can stand up to just about any abuse that the field can throw its way.

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One of my favorite things about this pen is the Rite in the Rain ballpoint cartridge. This pen will write in just about any weather conditions, making it a perfect pen for field use.

This thing will write upside down, in the rain, over grease stains, over pictures, etc. Overall, if you are simply in need of a rugged, reliable pen with a glass-breaker, the Gerber Impromptu may be the right pen for you.

I used this pen in the Marines and I recommend it to military and law enforcement. My Review: Designed for military and police, the Smith and Wesson MP 2 offers a comfortable grip and great pocket clip.

Overall, the construction is very solid; it offers the durability and dependability we have all come to expect from Smith and Wesson. This is one of the highest-rated tactical pens out there, but if you do buy this pen be aware that it does not have a glass breaker.

Another thing to note here is that the Smith and Wesson logo is printed on the pen clip.

tactical pen light reviews

I have heard some people say that since the brand is well known for manufacturing many things other than pens, the logo may tip someone off that this is not an ordinary pen.

While some may consider this an unintended deterrent, others would rather keep the element of surprise. My Review: This is another great pen by Smith and Wesson that offers features many of their tactical pens do not.

Not only did they decide to include the carbide glass-breaking tip, but they added a stylus to truly add functionality to the design by allowing it to be used with touchscreen technology as well as a top-of-the-line writing instrument. Designed to be a nonlethal weapon-of-last-resort as well as a survival tool, it is constructed from high-grade aircraft aluminum. It is constructed to last a lifetime and accepts Schmidt PM Parker-style refills.

Smith and Wesson did a great job with this tac pen than with previous offerings while keeping it on the low-end of moderate pricing levels. My Review: The Atomic Bear is a field-tested tactical pen built with military-grade aircraft aluminum construction.

One of its key features is interchangeability, as it accepts many different types of ink refills, including Parker, Fisher, Rite in the Rain, and Atomic Bear cartridges.

The Atomic Bear is one of the best values on the market today. What you get here is a feature-packed and time-tested tactical pen with a window breaker at an amazing price. In my opinion, this is easily the best tactical pen for the money. My Review: This is another tactical pen that is a pretty incredible value. It does have a window breaker and a heavy duty pocket clip.

My Review: If you know anything about Benchmade, you already know they make some of the highest quality knives out there. The Benchmade Series tactical pens are a unique line of premium tactical pens that come with lifetime warranties. All have carbide tips for glass breaking and are designed to perform under just about any field conditions.

The interesting feature is that with the series, you get to choose the metal that best suits your needs, from high-grade aircraft aluminum to Damascus steel called Damasteel to Titanium.

The titanium model is the best one for overall durability and strength, obviously derived from the natural hardness of titanium. The Series tac pen will not let you down in a fight, will not leave you stuck inside a sealed-in vehicle, and will write in just about any condition imaginable. If you are looking for a premium pen and price is not an issue for you, give the Benchmade Series some consideration. While the price tag is incredibly high for a pen, the lifetime warranty and the exception construction means that you will not be let down when you need it the most.For some people, carrying an obvious weapon like a gun or a blade is not practical or comfortable enough for everyday carry EDC.

Tactical pens, however, are perfect concealed carry defense weapons, whether you keep them on your body, in your briefcase, or within your tactical backpack. Tactical pens have ink cartridges for writing as well as features for self-preservation. They have life-saving abilities and offer convenience because of their superior durability, high-quality materials, and varying designs.

We took the time to find the best tactical pens on the market and created a comprehensive list featuring the top option for multiple categories. Here are the best tactical pens for This tactical pen has a stainless steel body with a Cerakote ceramic coating, giving it exceptional durability.

It can withstand everyday use, whether you toss it in your bag before work or keep it in your shirt pocket for quick accessibility. For extra security, the Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen has a stainless steel pocket clip. As the number one tactical pen on this list, the Gerber Impromptu does it all. Despite its arsenal of tools, it still only takes one click to get the pen ready for writing. Its tactical features include a permanently exposed tempered steel glass breaker tip above the writing tip.


The Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen is built for the field. It can write in any weather condition, including rain and snow, because it uses the all-weather Rite-in-the-Rain ink.

The Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen looks like it means business with a sleek, modern design and all-black matte finish. It resembles something designed for military use instead of EDC for civilians, so it will blend seamlessly with your go-bag or other tactical items. It has a considerable weight at about 2. Because of its materials and construction, the pen can withstand incredible amounts of force. Smith and Wesson seldom misses the mark with their defensive tools, which is why they are the runner-up for the best overall tactical pen.

The pen and its cap consist of olive drab anodized aluminum, giving it a durable, rust-resistant coating. With an anodized aluminum body, the tool will never chip, peel, fade, or flake.

This Smith and Wesson tactical pen is about 6. It is a capped pen with tapered ends for both writing and defense.

tactical pen light reviews

The cap fits on both ends with a snap, making it user-friendly and secure. Keep this pen easily accessible for EDC by using its aircraft aluminum pocket clip to attach to your shirt, belt, or bag. In addition to a stylish olive-green color, this Smith and Wesson tactical pen has a sleek design discreet enough to carry on planes and trains.

It looks like a pen with a contemporary design that drew inspiration from the US military. Thanks to its tapered ends and considerable length, you can easily use this tactical pen for self-defense. The medium point pen writes smoothly on paper without skipping, and its body has ridges so users can write comfortably for long periods. This tactical pen takes Hauser pen refills for prolonged use. The Nitecore NTP10 is one of the few tactical pens made of titanium instead of aircraft aluminum.

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Its body and pocket clip consist of 1. Each pen comes with an aluminum tube carrying case with a screw cap and O-ring, perfect for attaching to a tactical backpack. This 4. For added discretion, the pen cap covers the glass breaking tool while writing. The pointed endcap is sharp enough to bust a car window or deliver a defensive punch.

Like other tactical pens, this model also features a pocket clip for keeping it secure to your clothing if you prefer EDC. This exceptional tactical pen is gray with a satin finish for a glossy texture that speaks more of style and elegance. It is a contrast from the rugged appearance of many other tactical pens. It has a hollow body with curved carvings so the user can see the interior ink cartridge.Most others on the market are either better at being a pen, better at being a flashlight, or a pen-shaped flashlight.

Olight has found a great middle of the road here with the latest version of the Open. Olight Open 2 is the second generation version of the previous Olight open flashlight with a real pen. This striking blue limited edition variant we have packs a punch with loads of incredible features. Moonlight: 5 lumens Low: 20 lumens Mid: 60 lumens High: lumens.

There are a lot of things that Olights has done well this penlight and like most of their other products, the packaging looks premium right out of the box.

Unboxing Video Now on TikTok! The user interface on the Open is pretty good. It is super easy to use — no stress or complications with toggling, recharging or anything. It functions like a standard pen — writing with it feels more like those Uniball pens from years ago more so than a standard Bic pen. However, it is a little heavy.

The pen is usable, with or without the flashlight. So you can remove the flashlight and use it to illuminate your paper when writing in the dark. The clip is located opposite the LED on the other side of the body. Also, you can unscrew the light to see and access the USB-C port.

8 Best Tactical Pens That Help You Prepare for Emergency Situations

The Olight Open 2 also supports the moonlight mode activation. Overall, the functionality works similarly to other small Olights on the market. Form factor and how it carries obviously one of the most critical factors when considering on if you want to add this pen to your kit. This penlight balances on hands that are medium-sized and spins nicely for those of you who can do fancy pen tricks.

However, I noticed some users complain of hand fatigue after continuous usage for up to 1 hour. So you should keep that in mind. I compared the weight of this penlight with its equivalent plastic penlight and noticed that this is a little heavier. Not surprising though, as Olight Open 2 is loaded with more features and materials.

The twisted groove gives a modern feel on the hand while providing excellent grip. As expected the build quality is excellent. The threading is thin and reliable — just turn over the top part of the pen 7 times to charge the integrated battery or to use the included refill cartridge.We often carry a pen with us and lots of people carry a pen as an EDC item.

tactical pen light reviews

Then, why not carry a pen that can function as a weapon when faced with danger? If you are an outdoor enthusiast, traveler, specially survivalist then the tactical pen is the must have tool. The tactical pen is not just a normal pen. The best tactical pen comes with additional features that can help us when in trouble. Tactical pens are created with strong material, and can survive in tough circumstances. There are different types of tactical pens in the market to pick from.

This depends on your needs for the pen. Some can break glass, catch DNA or even start fires!! So, how to find the best tactical pen? If you want a reliable and log lasting pen, tactical pens can be ideal for you. For any tactical pen that you choose, it should have a strong material. Therefore, this is a very important feature that any pen should possess.

The commonly used materials for tactical pens are aircraft aluminum, high impact plastic, and stainless steel. Most pens are built using aluminum but if you want a more serious and sturdy tactical pen, then a pen made from steel is the best one to use in extremely tough conditions. First things first, a pen is meant to be for writing needs. For this reason, when you pick a tactical pen just ensure that it writes well.

The best ink cartridges to use for your pen are; Parker style gel ballpoint, Fischer space pen, and Parker style ballpoint which is the most utilized of the three ink cartridges. Tactical pens are created to look like ordinary pens when observed at a glance. Hence, this plays a major role of providing self defense in case anyone attacks you. Some are created to look like sharpie or even BIC and many others.

In most cases, the weight of the pen you pick might have something to do with the purpose you have in mind.Tactical pens provide a low-profile tool that can be a lifesaver in a tough situation. People carry these types of tactical pens as standard writing implements and also keep them handy when walking through a less trustworthy part of town late in the evening.

The origins of tactical pens can be traced back to a Japanese man by the name of Soke Takayuki Kubota.

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Kubota invented a tactical keychain weapon back in the 60s. So we have compiled our list of the 10 Best Tactical Pens to help you simplify your selection. Click here for the lowest price on Amazon. This tactical pen from Schrade is a perfect blend of security, dependability, and durability. When the cap comes off, it appears much like any regular pen. It also offers a pocket clip and screw-off top designed to optimize accessibility.

This model from 5. With durable, high strength construction and a matte black finish, the Double Duty 1. This tactical pen also features a reversible clip to allow for a variety of carrying options and gnarled grip areas assist in strong, secure wielding.

This selection from Smith and Wesson can be your most trusted friend in a nightmare scenario or a useful writing tool to craft your riveting biography. Smith and Wesson manufactured this stunning pen with reliable T Aircraft Aluminum 2. This tactical pen features a convenient pocket clip, screw-off top, and stylus end. This tactical pen features a black, non-reflective finish, a low profile clip, and was designed by Former Army officer and martial arts instructor James Williams 3.

This pen features a highly durable carbide glass breaker tip on one end and a smooth ballpoint tip on the other end designed for a seamless writing experience. Proudly manufactured in the U. A, this tactical pen from Benchmade features a machine-turned titanium body and O-Ring Pressure Fit Cap for a secure seal. The Benchmade is great for your everyday writing needs as well as providing a useful tactical tool.

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This titanium tactical pen weighs just 1. It also offers a Fisher Space Pen ink cartridge and the writing end features a removable cap. The Carbon Tactical Pen offers a carbon fiber body with titanium-coated end caps. It also features a comfortable grip that molds to your hand for an incredible writing experience. An ultimate option on the lightweight tactical pen market, this model from Smith and Wesson weighs in at 1. With a length of 5. The Second Generation improves upon the earlier model and is trusted by both Military and Police officers.

The Impromptu Tactical Pen from Gerber is on the forefront of all-weather pen design. Gerber has designed this pen with a Rite in the Rain ink cartridge, which is perfect for the on-the-go adventurer or journalist that needs to make useful notes in all conditions. This pen features durable CNC Machined T6 Aluminum construction and a convenient pocket clip and screw-off top for quick access. Tactical pens have grown immensely in popularity in the last couple years.

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